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News And Announcements

Menu Changes Jan 06, 2019

Happy New Year! We have changed the menu and this allowed us to open our points store and have the lottery feature. The lottery is 20 cents per ticket and there are 4 prizes of $5 each. It runs automatically when all the tickets are sold. Try your luck today. You can also buy 50,000 PTC Points with your credit card and use this for ads and upgrades in the Points Store.

Promote and Earn - More! Dec 18, 2018

We have increased our PTP amount to help you to help us grow the site. Of course, upgraded members earn more. Now a membership upgrade includes a free referral to get you going. Have a great day!

BOGO Ended. Oct 22, 2018

Thanks for your support. The buy one and get on free special has now ended. If you missed it, I am sure we will have it again. Watch the news.

Site News and Updates Oct 14, 2018

Today we have added Traffic Exchange Reward Zone feature and X-Stages to the manual traffic exchange. We have also cleaned up a lot of the ads in the auto surf and the manual traffic exchange. Contests and prizes have been updated. Withdrawal methods now include Amazon e-Gift card and Coinbase BTC.

PTP and Membership Features Updated Oct 04, 2018

We have changed the way PTP works for free and upgraded members due to PTP cheaters in the system. Also, for the time being there is a BOGO sale in progress on all ad packages, memberships and credits. Members with successful promotion of their referral link, will now earn more from their referrals to reward you for your promoting efforts.

Terms Updated Sep 23, 2018

Please review the terms section as they have now been updated to be more simplified.

Now Offering Fixed Ads Sep 17, 2018

We have enabled the Fixed Ads feature of the site. You can get a fixed ad for as little as 50 cents per day and they can receive unlimited hits for each day they are active. These are 15 second ads and have a special placement in the PTC ads area. Try it out today.

Payouts Completed. Sep 14, 2018

You might qualify for a withdrawal. Get your request in now.

Ad Grid Now Enabled Sep 10, 2018

The Ad Grid feature is back There is a good chance of winning there too. You can support the site and put your link on the ad grid for 25 cents per day. Good Luck!

100th Member Achieved Sep 09, 2018

We would like to welcome user wikr61 from Poland referred by LuckyAds, who is our 100th member. He has gotten a paid upgrade added to his account and I have added ads that pay a penny per view for the next 30 days or so. I have doubled the PTP amount that you earn for promoting your referral link. Thanks for your support. Let's hurry to the next level up at 200 active members. Regards, Admin

Bonus For New Members Sep 08, 2018

Naturally, we always need more ads for our members to review. I have added new member bonus credits as follows: 1000 PTC credits, 500 Exchange Credits, 20,000 Banners, 20,000 Featured Banners and 10,000 Featured Ad Credits. This is a lot of advertising to get someone started. Existing members who are interested in placing ads using these credits for free should contact the admin and request the New Member Bonus Package. This offer expires 09/30/2018. It pays to read the news.

Daily Click Special Sep 04, 2018

Today we have enabled the Daily Click Special Feature. Those who click 75% or more of the ads will automatically get a special package with credits and cash, which will be added to their balances. Thank you for being a valued member of our site.